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Written Question submitted by nine MEPs regarding the non-implementation of ruling C-808/18 by the Court of Justice of the European Union which ruled that the 2016 Hungarian legislation on pushbacks of migrants and asylum seekers breaches EU law. 

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In this written question, fourteen MEPs inquiry the Commission on the lack of SAR operations in the Mediterranean in the proposed new Pact on Migration and Asylum.

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Written question submitted by Tineke Strik on the case of Maati Monijb who was arrested on 29 December 2020 after years of harassment and unlawful surveillance by the Moroccan authorities.

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Written question co-signed by MEP Tineke Strik on the distribution of funds to Belarus civil society. 

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Written Question submitted by MEP Tineke Strik questioning whether the Commission will react after new evidence of pushbacks at the Croatian border were found.

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Written Question submitted by MEP Tineke Strik regarding the risk of lead poisoning on the location of the new migrant camp on Lesbos.

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The EU does not recognise the sovereignty of Israel over the territories the country has occupied since 1967 (OTs) and applies a policy of differentiation vis-à-vis Israel and the OTs. In areas such as trade, origin labelling and EU-funded programmes, the EU has put measures in place to ensure that Israeli settlements in the OTs are not treated as part of Israel.

Likewise, the EU’s 2011 adequacy decision for Israel, which allows for the free flow of personal data, states in Article 2 that it should be applied in accordance with international law, i.e. excluding the OTs.

However, Israel treats the settlements as part of its territory for most purposes, including data transfer.

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In this written questions, MEPs inquiry the Commission on the proposed two bills by the Hungarian Government to amend the Constitution, which include provisions such as ‘the mother is female, the father is male’, ‘children will be raised with a Christian interpretation of gender roles’ and ‘the gender of a person is defined as the one established at birth. 

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Written Question submitted by MEP Tineke Strik regarding Fundamental rights compliance by Frontex staff and the current absence of the Fundamental Rights Officer.

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Written Question submitted by MEP Erik Marquardt, co-signed by Tineke Strik (a.o.), regarding the prosecution of NGOs in Greece. The Questions were submitted at 07/10/2020, which sets the deadline for the Commission to respond at 07/2020. The reply of the Commission will be uploaded upon receival.



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