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The EU should support much needed internal reforms by taking immediate actions on these urgent problems. Ensure that the Slovenian Press Agency is funded again, that the delegated prosecutors are appointed and that the Slovenian government stops pushbacks and guarantees migrants access to an asylum procedure.

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In this letter seventy-eight MEPs raise concerns about the unfair trials of civil activists and political prisoners in Belarus and raise the importance of the EU Delegation and the EU Member States attending and witnessing the court proceedings on a regular and systematic basis.

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In this letter six MEPs show their concern over the format and content of EU facilitated negotiations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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In this letter fifty seven MEPs urge Israel to honour the demand made by the EU and grant access to its election observation exploratory mission in order to support and observe the upcoming Palestinian elections.

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In this letter MEPs urge the Commission to do what is in its power to stop human rights violations against the peaceful supporters of the Algerian Hirak.

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In this letter, sixty MEPs call on the Members of the Committee on the Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights to reject the candidacy of Aleksander Stępkowski, co-founder and former president of Ordo Iuris, to the ECHR, which goes against the very principles of this honourable institution.

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In this letter fifty-seven MEPs call on the High Representative to reconsider his visit to Russia given that such visit could possibly be used for internal propaganda purposes.

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In this letter fifty-three MEPs demand the High Representative Vice President of the European Commissioner Josep Borrell Fontelles whether the EEAS has started developing a concept of the donors’ conference for Belarus, and whether there is any tentative timeline concerning this initiative.

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